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6 Online Summer Jobs that Pay you to Work from Home

6 Online Summer Jobs that Pay you to Work from HomeI know you are looking to make money online and as Summers are here and yeah I like them and you may too? However we are here to discuss some ways of earning extra cash this summer and work from home. There are many jobs available online for summer and you can also enjoy summer vacations or summer breaks with doing these little jobs online and making money even on a vacation with facing the sun and enjoy the life.

Here I am going to talk about a list of best work-from-home summer jobs which you can do online and stay at home or anywhere you want. You can do these summer jobs online as a part time job or full time, its your choice and these are the perfect choices among many other online jobs. So without any further boring details, let's read the exact thing right below:

1. Teach English Online

Teaching English as a second language is the most hot job in summers and students from all over the world loves to get enrolled in online classes to learn English and become fluent in the international language for more opportunities. There are teachers to teach them, if you are the best than you can be the one. There are some platforms where you can start teaching English online and be the part of ESL industry. With some companies you don't have to have big degrees or certificates, they will ask you to make sure that you can teach English.

The most trendy countries for this job are Japan, China, South Korea and Canada too. If you are in U.S. than you can do it easily as you maybe the fluent speaker which is the plus point for this online job. This job is also a perfect job for work from home moms and wives, however dads and dudes can also do it. All you have to do is just prepare for the example teaching test and select your schedule. So there are some great ESL websites and some of them listed below:
  • VIPKID   -  (
  • Qkids       -  (
Just visit their official websites and apply for a teaching job, if you are able to teach English online and get paid than you will be accepted from these top players.

2. Flipping

Flipping is the best thing you can do to earn online without spending too much, yes you have to spend some dollars but you can convert them into hundreds. For your information Flipping is reselling which we do by buying items in low rates and sell them online in high rates. As of today there are many classifieds websites opened and there are many eCommerce platforms where we can buy and sell for free. Its the game of quality ideas and on time research. There are some websites like:
  • - #1 eCommerce website
  • - Best Classifieds Network
  • - Sell your product in easy way
Where you can easily buy or sell items online. Don't worry if you have no money to spend and want to earn using the flipping technique. You can start by selling your own old items as garage sales are the best summer sales and also you can do it with your unused blankets and more household items. After that you can start investing that earned sums into buying other trendy items and than reselling them on other websites or even with social media networks in high rates. For an example: You have bought an item for $75 and now you are going to resale it than you should resale it for $95 or more. It will get sells easily. Don't try to sell an item you bought for $90 for $200.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most amazing jobs you can do at your own hours and terms, and you can select any industry and niche to work for. There are many top performing freelancing websites and many freelancers are also working online to perform on demand work with their groups. There are some tasks you can perform even resale to customers and some of them are:
  • Freelance writing - content writing
  • Graphic designing - website and logo design
  • Social media management
  • Virtual assisting - virtual on demand micro tasks
I do freelancing sometimes and its the real quick way to earn money online by doing small works. If you are a mom with some children and don't have too much of time to do the work than freelancing platforms like and can help you with bidding on small and big projects. Don't worry when you have no skills, you can resale other people's work to your clients.

4. Taking Reservations Online

If you want know different work-at-home jobs than here's the one, you can start a small online reservation business. There are many travel companies in the industry hiring contract workers to take their travel game to the next levels. These jobs are limited timed jobs and companies will not ask you too much of questions.

The best part of online reservation job is you can easily do it on your mobile and you don't have to be available every minute. As if you are in U.S. than you can easily sleep and have an earphone attached so you can easily pick calls. Still these jobs are temporary. You will not make too much but it will help you to pay your bills easily by working online at home.

5. Micro Jobs/Tasks

To pocket a dollar every hour you can do some micro tasks online, they maybe pay you more than a dollar and may pay you some cents. There are so many platforms where even newbies and inexperienced persons can do online work at home and earn the easy money. To do these flexible online micro jobs check below list:
  • mTurk - A famous micro task website offering many types of online jobs which you can easily do in your summer vacations
  • - A transcription company open to newbies who can listen to audio files and type their vocals into text
There are many other platforms for doing micro jobs and getting paid online when you are work from home mom or dad. You can try searching for micro jobs in Google.

6. Translate

On freelancing websites you can easily get many online translation jobs and do it in your own time. Just make sure you are fluent in at least two languages like English and Arabic. People around the globe have their books to be translated, have their websites to translate into other languages and there are many small tasks.

You can also use tools like Google translate to get a quick help with your translations and fix them with manual actions so your clients will not get hurt. If you can do the smart work you will easily start making hundreds of dollars just by translating copies to other languages. You can even outsource this work and make your commissions - plus online translation jobs are not just for the summers, they are open to the winters too.

If you need more job updates and guides on how to earn money online and work from home than stay connected with us, we are going to publish a lot more opportunities and guides which will help you pocket a dollar without spending much.

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